Title: RIJEKA MINI ART 2017.

Organizer: Croatian Association of Artists Rijeka, Croatia – HDLU Rijeka

Korzo 28/II, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Date of publication, July 5th, 2017.

THE FINAL DAY FOR SUBMISSION IS OCTOBER 25th, 2017. / Applications delivered by mail are valid sealed with this date.

First Miniature Art Salon shall be held in November 2017 in the Juraj Klović Gallery, Rijeka.

The theme of the Salon is free.


  1. The contest is open to all authors of legal age.
  2. Applied artworks shall be reviewed by Art Committee of HDLU Rijeka.
  3. The Organizer shall notify certain artists outside of contest competition and display their artworks without prior selection.
  4. Contest categories:
  • Picture and drawing
  • graphics
  • photography
  • three dimensional artworks (sculpture, ceramics, contemporary art)
  • Expanded media, new media, multimedia (video, performances, happenings, body art, etc.)
  1. Two dimensional artworks should be 15 x 15 cm of maximum size. In case the author is preparing the artworks for display, the maximum size should be no more than 20 x 20 cm.
  2. The maximum size of three dimensional artworks is 15 x 15 x 15 cm.
  3. New media/expanded media, artworks in this category are not to be of duration longer than 3 minutes and the authors are obligated to generate a QR code for the works to be visible by smart phones.

Performances, happenings, body art, are not to be of duration longer than 5 minutes. In the application form for this category, the author should include a written explanation of the art work as well as a video recording or a series of photographs showing the idea and concept of the artwork. Accepted artworks shall be presented during the Opening ceremony of the Salon.

8.  The artwork should be signed on the label downloaded with the Application form and applied on the back of the artwork. In case of three dimensional works, if it is not possible to label the artwork, the label should be tied with a thin string, which shall be removed by the Organizer prior to display in case the artwork is selected for Exhibiton.

  1. Maximum of 3 artworks per author are possible exclusively in the same category, not older than two years.

  1. Artworks not satisfying the Conditions of Contest will not be selected.
  2. Artworks submitted are reviewed by Technical Commission determining if the artworks satisfy the Conditions of Contest and if the artworks are damaged during transport. The Commission then composes Minutes on review and notifies the authors.
  3. The Organizer is not responsible for any kind of damage during delivery and transport of artwork. To prevent potential damage it is recommended to deliver the two dimensional artwork in hard cardboard packages, and three dimensional artworks in cardboard box containing Styrofoam or other kind of shock absorbing material. Artworks made of glass, ceramics or other kind of sensitive material should be delivered in person.
  4. The Organizer is responsible for the artwork from the moment of registration of artwork in the Book of received artworks up to the moment of return that is, delivering the artwork to the post office. For the damage occurred during the period stated, the Organizer is obligated to reimburse the author in the amount of the value stated in the application form.


  1. For participation in the Contest, the participation fee is in the amount of: for members of HDLU Rijeka the fee is 50 HRK, for authors from the Republic of Croatia the fee is 100 HRK. The fee is paid on the account of the Society:

Erste Bank HR76 24020061100134636  / for the Purpose of payment please state:  Rijeka mini art 2017, for the Model please state 00, and for the Reference number your OIB/PIN (personal identification number).

Payments from abroad are 15 € / EUR / or 17 $ / USD /, we have not yet installed payment online, but authors can sign up 
and submit their work and will pay for the payment when we integrate the on-line payment system. I hope very quickly.


  1. Authors invited by the Organizer do not pay the fee.
  2. Along with the artwork the author submits a filled application with all the requested data, Declaration of author and copy of the participation fee payment. The data stated in the application shall be used by the Organizer for the Exhibition and communication with the author. In case of change of the data submitted the author is obligated to notify the Organizer.
  3. The author is able to donate the artwork to the Organizer, which should clearly be stated in the Application form.
  4. All the artworks submitted, beside donated and rewarded, are returned to the authors upon closing ceremony of the Exhibition.
  5. Incomplete and late applications will not be taken into consideration.
  6. The Committee shall review all the artworks submitted and choose the artworks with high artistic and professional level for the Exhibition.


  1. The Organizer shall award the selected authors with the following rewards:

In every Contest Category one First prize for Best author is awarded. The reward consists of Acknowledgement Letter and group Exhibition of authors rewarded, in the Juraj Klović Gallery in Rijeka, 2018.

The Main reward of the Salon is the Grand Prix. One reward is awarded, chosen between the winners in the Contest Categories. Reward consists of Acknowledgement Letter stating the author’s work is the best in the Salon as well as one month stay in the Kamov Residence in Rijeka. Costs of the shall be covered by the Organizer, while the author shall cover travel expenses.

In case the Grand Prix is rewarded to one of the domestic authors, from the Rijeka area, the residential stay in the Residence is to be replaced by the money equivalent of 30 daily payments, in the amount of around 4.500,00 HRK.

Organizer shall award special rewards as a Commendation for the best author in the area of every Category. For example, in the category of Painting and drawing, in case the winner is in the area of drawing, the Commendation shall be given to the best author in the area of painting, or in case of the category of three dimensional work, in case for example the winner of the Contest is in the area of sculpture, the best author in the area of ceramics, contemporary arts shall be awarded with a Commendation.

The organizer maintains the right to not awarding a reward or commendation in case it is decided by the Arts Committee valorising the artworks in the contest.

The Arts Committee can recommend awarding special rewards and acknowledgements to specific authors if it is estimated that the artwork recommended deserves to be rewarded due to the art quality and it is affirmative for general development of art and the affirmation of the Mini Format Salon.

All artworks rewarded remain the property of the Organizer.

  1. By filling the application form, authors applied to the contest revoke the rights to a cash reward regarding publishing the works in printed and promotion materials of the Salon.
  2. The organizer shall print the catalogue of the Salon with all the artworks satisfying the Contest requirements and all authors of the selected artworks displayed in the Salon shall be given a free copy sent to their address stated in the Application form.
  3. Organizer shall award certificates to all authors with the artworks displayed in the Salon.
  4. By filling the Application form, all authors accept the Rules and Requirements of the Contest.

Please fill the Application form and Declaration of artist in a digital form and send it to the e-mail address stated below:

The artworks should be delivered personally or sent via post office on the address stated below:

HDLU Rijeka, Korzo 28/II, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

THE FINAL DAY FOR SUBMISSION IS OCTOBER 25th, 2017. / Applications delivered by mail are valid sealed with this date.

Contest documents:




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